Prism Parts Affiliates Program

Affiliates Program is an online appliance parts supplier for all major household appliances. You can make money by becoming a affiliate. You can link to any part on our website and get paid when a customer you refer orders from us.

Program Benefits

You will earn a 12% commission on all orders made by customers referred by your affiliate linking code.

Affiliate support provided to help new affiliates to get set up and start earning.

Capability to link to any part page on our website using your affiliate linking code.

You do not have to own a website as long as you specify what your traffic source will be. Social Media Links Etc;

Timely Payouts 

We do not hold your money for weeks or months at a time, as most affiliate programs do. We pay your commissions via PayPal no less than once a week. Arrangements for daily payouts considered if you are sending lots of sales. 

If you have any questions feel free to ask in chat or email us at 

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