Help Finding A Part Or Model Number

Always Search For A Part Using The Appliance Model Number In The Search

If you need help finding a part or a part you need is not listed on the site just let us know in chat and we will be glad to help. In order to find the correct part for your appliance you must know your model number. Some parts look identical but function differently per model. To find your model number see the guide below.

How To Find A Model Number

The model number of your appliance is located on the serial tag of the appliance in question. The serial tag location varies by brand and appliance type. The serial tag on the appliance contains the model and serial number. You will need to locate that serial tag on your appliance. Use the list below to find the serial tag location.

Front Load Washer

  1. Behind the door on washer frame.

Top Load Washer

  1. Under the lid toward the back of washer frame.  
  2. Bottom front left corner of cabinet or on the sides.
  3. On the back of the washer console, use a mirror to see.


  1. Behind the door on the dryer frame.

Free Standing Range 

  1. On the oven frame behind the oven door.
  2. On the oven frame behind the pull out drawer.

Slide-In Range 

  1. On the oven frame behind the door.
  2. Bottom right side of cabinet.
  3. On the oven frame behind the pull out drawer.

Built-In Wall Oven

  1. On the frame behind the oven door.
  2. Some models have the tag on the oven casing which is not accessible without removing the oven from the wall. 


  1. Underneath on the metal cabinet or on the sides of cabinet.

Refrigerator Or Freezer 

  1. Inside the refrigerator section on the inner walls.
  2. Behind the kick toe panel at bottom of refrigerator.
  3. Chest freezers have them on the cabinet on the front bottom or sides.


  1. Inside microwave on left side wall
  2. On the outside casing either bottom side.
  3. For built in over the range units, underneath bottom towards back of unit.


  1. Behind dishwasher door on left front inside edge, right front inside edge or right side edge of door.