GE Washer Water Inlet Valve # PP4059265

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Part Number # PP4059265 | Water Inlet Valve For & General Electric Washers.

Fits The Following Models & Others.

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**************General Electric************************

GCWN4950D0WS, GCWN5550D0WW, GHWN4250D0WW, GHWN5250D0WS, GLWN5250D0WW, GLWN5550D0WW, GMAN5650D0WW, GRWN5550D0WS, GRWN5550D0WW, GTAN4250D0WW, GTAN5250D0WW, GTAN5550D0WW, GTWN4250D0WS, GTWN4950D0WS, GTWN5250D0WW, GTWN5350D0WW, GTWN5450D0WW, GTWN5550D0WW, GTWN5650D0WW, GTWN5750D0WW, GTWN5850D0WW, GTWN5950D0WW, GTWP2250D0WW, GHWN4250D1WW, GHWN4250D2WW, GHWN5250D1WS, GLWN5250D1WW, GLWN5550D1WW, GMAN4250F1WS, GMAN5650D1WW, GRWN5550D1WS, GTAN4250D1WW, GTAN4250D2WW, GTAN5250D1WW, GTAN5250D2WW, GTAN5550D1WW, GTAP2250D0WW, GTAP2250D1WW, GTWN4250D1WS, GTWN4250D2WS, GTWN5250D1WW, GTWN5350D1WW, GTWN5450D1WW, GTWN5450D2WW, GTWN5550D1WW, GTWN5650D1WW, GTWN5650F0WS, GTWN5650F1WS, GTWN5650F2WS, GTWN5850D1WW, GTWP2000F0WW , WH13X10053, AP5629504, WH13X22314, 2692250, PS3652834


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