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General Electric Ranges.

Fits The Following Models & Others.

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**************General Electric************************

RB757BB1, RB787WB1WW, JBP21BB1, JBS27WY3, JBS03V5, JBS27BY3, JBP21BY4, RB525V4, RB787BB1BB, RB757WB1, RB525GV5, JBP24BY2, JBS27BY2, JBP24BY4, JBP21WB1, JBP61DB1WH, JBS07V6, JBP21BY2, JBP61WB1WW, JBP19BB1, RB753BB1, JBS03GV6, RB526WW4, JBS03V4, JBS27WY2, JBP63BB1AD, JBP63BB1WH, JBS26W4, RB797WB1WW, JBC27BY2, JBP22DA1, JBP61DA2WH, JBP63BY4WH, RB526V5, RB797BB1BB, JBP21BY3, JBP24BY3, JBP24DY4, JBP61WB2WW, JBS26W5, RB525GV4, RB530WB1, JBP21WA1, JBP60BB1WH, JBP63BY5WH, RB585BB1WH, RB585WB1WW, JBC27BY3, JBP24DY2, JBP24DY3, JBP63BY2WH, JBS02BB1, JBS23BB1, JBS27AY3, JBS61WB1WW, RB526WW3, RB533GW4, RB533GW5, RB536GW5, RB797AB1AA, JBP19BY2, JBP19BY3, JBP19BY4, JBP60BY2WH, JBP60BY3WH, JBP60BY4WH, JBP60BY5WH, JBP61DA1WH, JBP63BY2AD, JBP63BY3AD, JBP63BY3WH, JBP63BY4AD, JBP63BY5AD, JBS03GV5, JBS07PIY2, JBS07PIY3, JBS07V5, JBS27AY2, JBS61BB1AD, JBS61BB1WH, MB536BB1, MB757WB1, RB525V3, RB526V4, RB536GW4, RB585BB1AD, RB632GW3, RB632GW4 , WB44X10009, AP2031061, 260864, AH249344, EA249344, PS249344


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