GE Dishwasher Heater Heating Element # PP4094993

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Part Number # PP4094993 | Heater Heating Element For General Electric Dishwashers.

Fits The Following Models & Others

**************General Electric************************
GLDA690M00WW, GLDA690M00BB, GLDA696M00SS, GHDA690P00BB, GHDA690P00WW, GHDA690P01BB, GHDA690P01WW, GHDA690P02BB, GHDA690P02WW, GHDA690P03BB, GHDA690P03WW, GHDA690P04BB, GHDA690P04WW, GHDA696P00SS, GHDA696P01SS, GHDA696P02SS, GHDA696P03SS, GHDA696P04SS, GLDA690M00SS, GLDA690M01BB, GLDA690M01WW, GLDA690M02BB, GLDA690M02WW, GLDA690P01BB, GLDA690P01WW, GLDA690P02BB, GLDA690P02WW, GLDA690P03BB, GLDA690P03WW, GLDA696M01SS, GLDA696M02SS, GLDA696P01SS, GLDA696P02SS, GLDA696P03SS, GLDT690D00BB, GLDT690D00WW, GLDT690T00BB, GLDT690T00WW, GLDT696D00SS, GLDT696T00SS, GLDA690F00BB, GLDA690F00WW, GLDA690F02BB, GLDA690F02WW, GLDA696F00SS, GLDA696F02SS, GLDT690D02BB, GLDT690D02WW, GLDT690J00BB, GLDT690J00WW, GLDT696D02SS, GLDT696J00SS, 
WD05X10008, AP3994904, 1263911, AH1481853, EA1481853, PS1481853


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