For Whirlpool Refrigerator Defrost Heater # PP0299006

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Defrost Heater For Maytag, Magic Chef, Admiral, Crosley, Norge, & Jenn-Air Refrigerators.

Fits The Following Models

RTT1900DAE, RTD1900DAM, RTT1900DAM, RTT1900EAE, RTT1900EAM, RTD2100DAE, RTT2100DAE, GT19Y8FV, RTT2100EAM, RTD1900DAB, GT21Y8FV, RTD1900DAE, RTP1900DAM, RTP1900DAE, GT19Y8FA, GT21Y8FA, NNT218GA (5E67A), RTD2100DAM, RTS19A (9E09A), NNT197K (CC66A), RBE21KN4AF (CG75A), RTT2100EAE, RTV2100DAE, CDNT18T9 (8B29A), NNT199K (AC65B), NT194PW, NT19H6A (7A54A), RBE19KN-3A (CG61A), RBE21KA4AF (CG76A), RTD1900CAL (DH61B), RTD19A (BH59A), RTD19E0CAE (DH63B), RTD21A (BH71A), RTD21E0CAE (DE88A), RTD21E0CAE (DE88B), RTF1900CAL, RTS1900CAE, RTS19A (AH51A), GT18Y8DV, GT19Y4V, GT19Y7A, LRTD19A (9E11A), NNT196GA (5E64A), NNT196GZA (7A11B), NNT198GA (5E65A), RTD1900AAW (CH59B), RTD1900CAE, RTD1900CAE (DH59A), RTD19A (AH59A), RTD19E0CAE, RTD19E0CAL, RTD19E0DAE, RTD21A (AH71A), RTD21A (AH71F), RTT2100DAM, BICT18F9L (5B52A), BICT18F9LA (5B52A), BICT18F9LH (5B52A), BNT21LE (7A60A), BNT21LE (5A47A), BNT21LEA (5A47A), BNT21LEA (7A60A), BNT21LEH (7A60A), BNT21LEH (5A47A), CDNT18T9A (8B29A), CDNT18T9H (8B29A), CDNT18V9 (BC44A), CDNT18V9 (BC44C), CDNT18V9 (AC44A), CDNT18V9 (CC44A), CDNT18V9A (CC48A), CDNT18V9A (BC48C), CDNT18V9A (BC48A), CDNT18V9A (AC48A), CDNT18V9L (CC45A), CDNT18V9L (CC49A), CDNT18V9L (BC45A), CDNT18V9LA (CC49A), CDNT18V9LA (BC49A), CDNT18V9LA (CC45A), CNNT198GA (7D06B), CNNT198GA (7D06A), CNNT198GH (7D06A), CNNT198GH (7D06B), CNNT198GLA (7D07A), CNNT198GLH (7D07A), CNNT198GLN (7D07A), CNNT198GN (7D06A), CNNT198GN (7D06B), CNNT198K (AF51A), CNNT198K (AF51B), CNNT198K (BF51A), CNNT198K (BF51B), CNNT198K (BF51C), CNNT198K (CF66A), CNNT198KA (CF66A), CNNT198KA (BF51A), CNNT198KA (AF51A), CNNT198KA (BF51B), CNNT198KA (AF51B), CNNT198KA (BF51C), CNNT198KL (CF67A), CNNT198KL (AF52A), CNNT198KL (AF52B), CNNT198KL (BF52A), CNNT198KL (BF52B), CNNT198KL (BF52C), CNNT198KLA (BF52C), CNNT198KLA (BF52B), CNNT198KLA (BF52A), CNNT198KLA (AF52A), CNNT198KLA (AF52B), CNNT198KLA (CF67A)

**************Magic Chef************************
RB193AV, RB19HA-1A (8C69A), RB213AFM, RB213AV, RB191TV, RB213AM, RB193AB, RB19HA-3A (8C67A), RB19JA-4A (9A22A), RB19KA-1AL (BG52A), RB213AFV, RB213TFM, RB191PA, RB193AM, RB2120TM, RB213TFV, RB191AM, RB193PW, RB19FA-1A (7C37A), RB19KN-2A (CG58A), RB21KN-4A (BG71C), RB18EA-3AW (5B67A), RB18FA-3AW (7B20A), RB191TM, RB192PA (DE72A), RB192TM, RB193PA, RB193TA, RB193TV, RB19EA-2A (7C07A), RB19GA-3A (7C39A), RB19HA-2A (8C68A), RB19HN-2A (8C68A), RB19KA-2A (CG58A), RB19KA-4A (BG65C), RB19KN-4A (BG64A), RB19KN-4A (CG64A), RB2120TA, RB214RFV (DG79A), RB21KA-4A (BG72A), RB21KA4AF (BG75A), RB21KN-2A (CG73A)

AT19N8E, NT19L6 (CA51A), NT19H8A (7A56A), RTCA216BAM, AT19N8M, DNT18F9L (7B01B), RTCA196BAE, AT21EM9FA (DA80A), AT21M6A (DD62A), AT21M9A (DD66A), GT19A6XV, NT19B8VA (5A74B), NT19L8 (AA55A), NT21H8 (8A76A), AT19EM8A (DA56A), AT19EM8V (DA55A), AT19M6A (DE52A), AT19M6A (DA52A), AT19M6A (DA52B), AT19M6W (DA51A), AT19M6W (DA51B), AT19M6W (DE51A), AT19M8A (DE56A), AT19M8A (DA54A), AT19M8A, AT19M8V, AT19M8V (DA53A), AT19M8V (DE55A), AT19M9A (DE54A), AT19M9V (DE53A), AT21EM9A (DA78A), AT21EM9FV (DA79A), AT21EM9V (DA77A), AT21M6W (DD61A), AT21M8A (DA68A), AT21M8FA, AT21M8FV, AT21M8V (DA67A), AT21M9FA (DD64A), AT21M9FV (DD63A), AT21M9V (DD65A)

CNT19C8 (7A77A), CNT19T6A (8A16A), CT19Y7A, CT21Y7W, CT19X7W, CT21Y7A, CNT19L6V (5A44B), CNT19T6A (9C50B), CNT21W7 (CC71A), CT19Y4W, CT21X7A (DD68A), CNNT218BV (5D64A), CNNT218BVA (5D64A), CNT19C8A (7A77A), CNT19C8H (7A77A), CNT19L6V (5A44A), CNT19L6VA (5A44A), CNT19L6VA (5A44B), CNT19L6VH (5A44B), CNT19L6VH (5A44A), CNT19L8 (5A45B), CNT19L8A (5A45B), CNT19L8H (5A45B), CNT19LEV (5E52A), CNT19LEVA (5E52A), CNT19LEVH (5E52A), CNT19R5 (8A03A), CNT19R5A (8A03A), CNT19T6 (9C50A), CNT19T6 (9C50B), CNT19T6 (8A16A), CNT19T6A (9C50A), CNT19T6H (9C50A), CNT19T6H (9C50B), CNT19T6H (8A16A), CNT19T8 (8A15A), CNT19T8 (9C51A), CNT19T8 (9C51B), CNT19T8A (9C51B), CNT19T8A (9C51A), CNT19T8A (8A15A), CNT19V6 (AC51B), CNT19V6 (AC51A), CNT19V6 (BC51A), CNT19V6 (BC51C), CNT19V6 (CC51A), CNT19V6A (CC51A), CNT19V6A (BC51C), CNT19V6A (BC51A), CNT19V6A (AC51A), CNT19V6A (AC51B), CNT19V8 (AC54A), CNT19V8 (BC54A), CNT19V8 (AC54B), CNT19V8 (BC54C), CNT19V8A (BC54C), CNT19V8A (AC54B), CNT19V8A (BC54A), CNT19V8A (AC54A), CNT19V8IM (BC55A), CNT19V8IM (CC55A), CNT19V8IMA (CC55A), CNT19V8IMA (BC55A), CNT19V8IMH (CC55A), CNT19W7 (CC53A), CNT19W7 (BC53A), CNT19W7 (BC53B), CNT19W7 (BC53C), CNT19W7A (BC56A), CNT19W7A (BC56B), CNT21LEV (7C27A), CNT21LEV (5A46A), CNT21LEVA (5A46A), CNT21LEVA (7C27A), CNT21LEVH (7C27A), CNT21LEVH (5A46A), CNT21T8 (8A18A), CNT21T8 (9C52A), CNT21T8 (9C52B), CNT21T8A (9C52B), CNT21T8A (9C52A), CNT21T8A (8A18A), CNT21V8 (AC74A), CNT21V8 (BC74A), CNT21V8 (AC74B), CNT21V8 (CC74A), CNT21V8A (CC74A), CNT21V8A (AC74B), CNT21V8A (BC74A), CNT21V8A (AC74A), CNT21W7A (CC72A)

NNTI219K (CC82A), NNTI219KA (AC78A), NT218NFA, NNT194KA (CC62A), NNT194KW (CC62A), NNTI219K (BC78A), NNTI219KA (BC78A), NNTI219KA (CC82A), NT194MW, NT218NFW

JRT1950W, JRT2160A, JRTE197W (DJ57A)

WP60106-35, AP6009920, 60106-35, 31-320, 60106-14, 60106-2, 60106-20, 60106-26, 60106-29, B81-116, PS11743094, WP60106-35VP


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