For Whirlpool Range Cooktop Oven Fuse Temperature Sensor Kit # PP0546106

For Whirlpool Range Cooktop Oven Fuse Temperature Sensor Kit # PP0546106 - In Stock

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Cooktop Oven Fuse Temperature Sensor Kit For Whirlpool, Roper, Estate, Kenmore, & KitchenAid Ranges.

Fits The Following Models & Many Others. If you are unsure if this is the correct part for your range feel free to ask us in chat to verify.

RF111PXSQ0, SF368LEPS0, SF368LEPS1, SF368LEPB0, RF362LXSS0, RF365PXMW0, SF368LEPB1, RF365PXMQ0, SF362LXSB0, RF111PXSQ1, RF365PXKQ0, RF367LXKQ0, RF365PXMW1, GS465LEKS0, RF361PXKQ0, SF315PEPW1, SF362LXSQ0, RF315PXKQ0, RF367LXKB0, RF262LXSB0, GS563LXSS0, RF368LXPS0, SF315PEMW1, RF365PXKW0, RF378LXKQ1, RF378LXKS1, RF262LXSQ0, RF368LXKQ1, SF379LEKQ0, RF110AXSQ0, RF262LXST0, RF362LXSQ0, SF315PEPB1, GR465LXKS0, SF357PEKQ0, GS475LEMS0, RF364PXMQ0, SF379LEKS2, RF368LXPQ1, SF378LEPS0, SF379LEKQ1, GS773LXSS0, RF362LXSB0, RF364PXPQ1, RF368LXPQ0, SF114PXSQ1, SF367LEKQ0, RF378LXMB0, SF362LXSY0, RF212PXSQ0, RF368LXKQ0, SF315PEGQ6, SF315PEPW2, RF261PXSQ0, RF264LXSB0, RF367LXKT0, RF368LXMQ0, GS475LEMS1, RF378LXPT0, SF367LEKQ1, SF379LEKB1, RF364PXPQ0, RF368LXPS1, SF315PEPQ2, SF315PEPW3, SF362LXSS0, SF367LEKT0, SF379LEKT1, SF387LEKQ0, RF114PXSQ0, RF362BXKQ1, RF367LXSS0, RF369LXPQ0, SF114PXSB1, SF367LEMQ0, GR448LXPQ0, GR563LXSS0, RF264LXSQ0, RF362BXKQ0, RF364PXKQ0, RF364PXPT0, RF365PXMQ1, RF367LXMQ0, RF368LXKB1, RF368LXMS0, RF368LXMT0, SF315PEMQ1, SF315PEPW0, SF357PEKW0, SF367LEKT2, SF379LEKT2, GS440LEMQ0, RF361PXKQ1, RF365PXMT0, RF378LXKQ0, SF114PXSW0, SF368LEPQ0, SF368LEPQ1, SF368LEPT0, SF379LEKB0, GR445LXMS0, GS445LEMS2, GS445LEMS4, GS465LELS0, GS563LXSB0, RF362LXST0, RF364PXKQ1, RF378LXKB1, RF379LXKQ1, SF265LXTQ1, SF315PEPQ4, SF367LXSS0, SF378LEPS1, SF379LEMS1, GR563LXSB1, GS465LELS1, RF111PXSW0, RF198LXMS0, RF263LXTT2, RF315PXPQ0, RF365PXMQ2, RF368LXKT0, SF265LXTQ0, SF315PEGW6, SF315PEMB1, SF368LEPQ2, GR448LXPS0, GR470LXMC0, GS563LXST0, RF110AXSQ1, RF196LXKT0, RF196LXMQ1, RF261PXSW0, RF263LXTQ0, RF361PXKT2, RF367LXMB0, RF367LXSB0, RF368LXPB0, RF368LXPT1, RF369LXPB0, RF378LXKB0, RF378LXKT0, SF315PEPB2, SF315PEPQ1, SF357PEKQ1, SF357PEKT0, SF367LEKB0, SF368LEPW0, SF379LEMS0, GR445LXLS0, GR563LXSB0, GS440LEMT1, GS470LEMQ1, RF262LXSB4, RF263LXTS0, RF315PXPQ2, RF362BXKW1, RF364LXMT0, RF364PXPT1, RF365PXKT0, RF368LXKT1, RF378LXKT1, RF462LXSB0, SF114PXSW1, SF356BEKB0, SF357PEKT1, SF362LXTQ0, SF378LEPS2, GR448LXPB1, GR448LXPQ1, GR448LXPS2, GR465LXLS0, GR470LXMP0, GR563LXSS1, GS445LEMS5, GS475LEMS2, GS563LXSQ0, RF114PXSB0, RF263LXTT1, RF315PXPB1, RF350BXKW0, RF361PXKB2, RF362BXMT0, RF364LXMQ0, RF364PXKT0, RF364PXKW0, RF367LXSQ0, RF367LXSS4, RF368LXPB2, RF369LXPT0, RF369LXPT1, RF378LXMQ0, RF378LXPB0, RF378LXPQ0, SF114PXSQ0, SF272LXTD2, SF362LXTQ1, SF367LEKB2, SF367LEKW0, SF367LXSB0, SF369LEKQ0, SF378LEPB0, GR465LXLS1, GR475LXMS0, GR478LXPS0, GR673LXSS0, GS440LEMB2, GS440LEMQ2, GS440LEMQ5, GS445LELS0, GS445LEMS0, GS470LEMB0, RF196LXKB1, RF196LXKQ1, RF262LXSQ4, RF314PXMQ2, RF315PXMB0, RF315PXMQ0, RF361PXKQ2, RF362BXKW0, RF362LXTS2, RF364LXKT1, RF364PXPB1, RF364PXPQ2, RF365PXMT3, RF379LXMT0, SF362LXTB0, SF362LXTY1, SF367LEKQ2, SF367LEMQ1, SF368LEPS2, CGS365HQ8, GR440LXLB0, GR448LXPS1, GR448LXPS3, GR460LXKP0, GR478LXPS1, GR673LXSS1, GS440LEMT0, GS445LEMS3, GS460LEKB1, GS460LELB0, GS460LELB1, GS470LEMQ2, GS470LEMT1, GS773LXSQ0, IGS365RS1, IMP33801, RF196LXMQ0, RF196LXMQ3, RF265LXTQ3, RF265LXTY0, RF364PXKW1, RF365PXMT1, RF367LXKW0, RF368LXMB0, RF368LXPB1, RF369LXPB1, SF114PXSB0, SF114PXSQ2, SF114PXST1, SF216LXSQ0, SF262LXSW0, SF315PEPQ3, SF315PEPT1, SF325PEGW6, SF362LXTS0, SF367LEKQ3, SF367LEMT0, SF368LEPB3, SF368LEPS3, SF369LEKT1, SF380LEKQ0, GR440LXMB0, GR440LXMC0, GR440LXMP0, GR448LXPT1, GR458LXLQ0, GR460LXLC1, GR475LXKS0, GR563LXSQ0

FES330KQ1, FES330KQ0, FES330KW1, FES330KN1

TES325MQ1, TES325MQ0, TES325KQ0, TES355KQ0, TGS325KQ0, TES356RD2, TES325MQ3, TGS325MQ6, TGS326MS0

**************Kenmore / Sears************************
665.75022100, 665.75134300


WPW10181986, AP6016450, W10181986, 8273902, PS11749737, W10131826, WPW10181986VP


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