For Thermador Range Gas Valve Solenoid Assembly Part Number # PP9388282X26

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Part Number # PP9388282X26 | Gas Valve Solenoid Assembly For Thermador, Whirlpool, & Roper Ranges.

Fits The Following Models & Others.

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SGCS365RS, RDSS30 S/N 9707 & UP, SGCS304RS, PRSE484GGS, PRSG304, RDFS30, RDDS30VQB S/N 9707 & UP, SGC304R, PRG484GGUS, GPS484GGS, RDFS30 S/N 9708 & UP, SGS36GS, PRSG364GD, SGC304RS, SGCS304RB, GPS364GLS, RED30V, PRSE486GDS, PRDS364GD, PRDS366, GGS30, GGS365W, GPS364GDS, PRG364GD, GPS366S, PRDS304, CGX365US, GPS486GL, RDF30RS S/N 9707 & UP, GGS365, RDDS30QW S/N 9708 & UP, SGCS456RS, SGSCV36GW, GGSCV36, GGSCV365, GPS486GLS, PRG364GDUS, PRG364GL, PRSE364GDS, PRSE364GLS, PRSG366, REF30, CGX365UW, GGSCV36W, GPS484WKS, GPS486GD, PRDS484GD, RDF30QB S/N 9708 & UP, SGCS456RB SN 9803, GPS486GDS, PCS364GD, PCS484GL, PRDS484GL, REF30QB S/N 9708 & UP, SGC304RB, SGC456RB, SGC456RB SN 9803, SGC456RW SN 9803, SGCS456RW SN 9803, SGS36GB, SGS36GW, PRSE48-6GD, PRSE48-6GL, PRSG304S, PRSG364GL, PRSG364GLS, RDF30Q, RDFS30Q, RDSS30RS/01


RF370PXYN0, RF360BXYN0, GR450LXHB2, RF377PXXW0, RF365BXWN2, RF396PXXB0, RC8430XTW2, RF302BXXW1, RF376PXYQ2, RF3020XXN0, RF385PCWW2, RF396PXXN0, RC8436XTW2, RF390PXWN2, RF396PCXN0, 2496^1A, B9608B3, FB7700XS1, FEP310YL0, FEP340YL0, RC8430XAB0, RC8430XAQ0, RC8430XTB0, RC8436XAB0, RC8436XAQ0, RF3020XVN3, RF302BXXQ1, RF302PXXQ1, RF306BXVN3, RF3105XXN0, RF310PXAN0, RF316PXYN2, RF3305XXN1, RF360BXYN1, RF365BXWW2, RF365PXWN0, RF366PXYQ1, RF376PCYN1, RF377PXXN1, RF385PXYQ2, RF395PCXN0, RF396PXYB3, TER20W0YN0, TER46W0YN2


CEX375VW0 , 00411253, AP2828839, 00411251, 00411252, 00486650, 1013831, 15-10-188, 20-01-874, 20-02-500, 411251, 411252, 411253, 486650, AH3456743, EA3456743, PS3456743, PS8707103, 00411253


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