For LG Dryer Idler Pulley Assembly # PP3428344

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Idler Pulley Assembly For Kenmore, & LG Dryers.

Fits The Following Models

**************Kenmore / Sears************************
796.69002000, 796.69002010, 796.69272000, 796.69272010, 796.69272012, 796.69272900, 796.69278000, 796.69278010, 796.69278900, 796.69472000, 796.69478000, 796.79002000, 796.79002010, 796.79272000, 796.79272010, 796.79272900, 796.79278000, 796.79278010, 796.79278900, 796.79472000, 796.79478000, 796.80021900, 796.80272900, 796.80311900, 796.80318900, 796.80441900, 796.80512900, 796.80518900, 796.81022900, 796.81028900, 796.81029900, 796.81532110, 796.81538110, 796.81542110, 796.81548110, 796.81549110, 796.81722010, 796.81728010, 796.82192900, 796.82198900, 796.82199900, 796.88842800, 796.88852800, 796.90021900, 796.90272800, 796.90272900, 796.90311900, 796.90318900, 796.90441900, 796.90448900, 796.90512900, 796.90518900, 796.91022900, 796.91028900, 796.91029900, 796.91532110, 796.91538110, 796.91542110, 796.91548110, 796.91549110, 796.91722010, 796.91728010, 796.92192900, 796.92198900, 796.92199900, 796.98842800, 796.98852800

CDE3379WD, CDE3379WN, CDG3389WD, CDG3389WN, DL (ABWEEUS), DLE0332W (ABWEEUS), DLE0442G (APGEEUS), DLE0442W (ABWEEUS), DLE0442W01, DLE1001W, DLE1101W, DLE1310W (ABWEEUS), DLE1501W, DLE2050W, DLE2101W, DLE2140W, DLE2240W, DLE2250W, DLE2301R, DLE2301W, DLE2350R, DLE2350W, DLE2512W (ABWEEUS), DLE2514W (ABWEEUS), DLE2515S (ATTEEUS), DLE2516W (ABWEEUS), DLE2522W, DLE2524W, DLE2532W (ABWEEUS), DLE2601R, DLE2601W, DLE2701V, DLE3050W, DLE3170W, DLE3733D (AFGEEUS), DLE3733S (ATTEEUS), DLE3733U (ABBEEUS), DLE3733W (ABWEEUS), DLE3777E, DLE3777W (ABWEEUS), DLE4801W, DLE4870W, DLE4970W, DLE5001W, DLE5932S (ATTEEUS), DLE5932W (ABWEEUS), DLE5955G (APGEEUS), DLE5955W (ABWEEUS), DLE5977B (ABPEEUS), DLE5977BM, DLE5977S (ATTEEUS), DLE5977SM (ATTEEUS), DLE5977W (ABWEEUS), DLE5977WM, DLE6942W (ABWEEUS), DLE7177RM (ACREEUS), DLE7177WM (ABWEEUS), DLE8377NM (ANBEEUS), DLE8377WM (ABWEEUS), DLE9577SM (ATTEEUS), DLE9577WM (ABWEEUS), DLEX0001TM (ASTEEUS), DLEX2450R, DLEX2501V, DLEX2501W, DLEX2550R, DLEX2550W, DLEX2650R, DLEX2650W, DLEX2655V, DLEX2801L (ARBEEUS), DLEX2801W (ABWEEUS), DLEX2901V, DLEX3001P (APTEEUS), DLEX3001R (ACREEUS), DLEX3001W (ABWEEUS), DLEX3070R, DLEX3070W, DLEX3250W, DLEX3360R, DLEX3360V, DLEX3360W, DLEX3370R, DLEX3370V, DLEX3470V, DLEX3470W, DLEX3550V, DLEX3550W, DLEX3875V, DLEX3875W, DLEX3885C, DLEX3885W, DLEX4070V, DLEX4070W, DLEX4270V, DLEX4270W, DLEX5000V, DLEX5000W, DLEX5101V, DLEX5101W, DLEX5170V, DLEX5170W, DLEX5680V, DLEX5680W, DLEX5780VE, DLEX5780WE, DLEX6001V, DLEX6001W, DLEX7177RM, DLEX7177WM, DLEX7700VE, DLEX7700WE, DLEX8000V, DLEX8000W, DLEX8377N, DLEX8377NM, DLEX8377WM, DLEX8500V, DLEX9000V, DLEX9000W, DLEY1201V, DLEY1201W, DLEY1701V, DLEY1701VE, DLEY1701WE, DLG0332W (ABWEEUS), DLG0452G (APGEEUS), DLG0452W (ABWEEUS), DLG1102W, DLG1320W (ABWEEUS), DLG1502W, DLG2051W, DLG2102W, DLG2141W, DLG2241W, DLG2251W, DLG2302R, DLG2302W, DLG2351R, DLG2351W, DLG2511W, DLG2522W (ABWEEUS), DLG2524W (ABWEEUS), DLG2525S (ATTEEUS), DLG2526W (ABWEEUS), DLG2532W (ABWEEUS), DLG2602R, DLG2602W (ABWEEUS), DLG2702V, DLG3051W, DLG3171W, DLG3744D (AFGEEUS), DLG3744S (ATTEEUS), DLG3744U (ABBEEUS), DLG3744W (ABWEEUS), DLG3788W (ABWEEUS), DLG4802W, DLG4871W, DLG5002W, DLG5932S (ATTEEUS), DLG5932W (ABWEEUS), DLG5966G (APGEEUS), DLG5966W (ABWEEUS), DLG5988B (ABPEEUS), DLG5988BM, DLG5988S (ATTEEUS), DLG5988SM (ATTEEUS), DLG5988W (ABWEEUS), DLG5988WM, DLG6952W (ABWEEUS), DLG7188RM (ACREEUS), DLG7188WM (ABWEEUS), DLG8388NM (ANBEEUS), DLG8388WM (ABWEEUS), DLG9588SM (ATTEEUS), DLG9588WM (ABWEEUS), DLGX0002TM (ASTEEUS), DLGX2451R, DLGX2502V, DLGX2502W, DLGX2551R, DLGX2551W, DLGX2651W, DLGX2656V, DLGX2802L, DLGX2802W (ABWEEUS), DLGX2902V, DLGX3002P (APTEEUS), DLGX3002R (ACREEUS), DLGX3002W (ABWEEUS), DLGX3071R, DLGX3071W, DLGX3251R, DLGX3251V, DLGX3251W, DLGX3361R, DLGX3361V, DLGX3361W, DLGX3371R, DLGX3371V, DLGX3371W, DLGX3471V, DLGX3471W, DLGX3551V, DLGX3551W, DLGX3571V, DLGX3571W, DLGX3876V, DLGX3876W, DLGX3886C, DLGX3886W, DLGX4071V, DLGX4271V, DLGX4271W, DLGX5001V, DLGX5001W, DLGX5102V, DLGX5102W, DLGX5171V, DLGX5171W, DLGX5681V, DLGX5681W, DLGX5781VE, DLGX5781WE, DLGX6002V, DLGX6002W, DLGX7188RM, DLGX7188WM, DLGX7701VE, DLGX7701WE, DLGX8001V, DLGX8001W, DLGX8388NM

4561EL3002A, AP4438243, 1267530, 4561EL3002B, AH3523033, EA3523033, PS3523033


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