For LG Dishwasher Door Hinge Cable Assembly # PP4031154

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Part Number # PP4031154 | Door Hinge Cable Assembly For LG & Kenmore dishwashers (dish washers).

Known as door hing cable assy. or assembly.

Fits The Following Models & Others

LDF6810BB (ABPEEUS), LDF6810ST (ASTEEUS), LDF6810WW (ABWEEUS), LDF6920WW (ABWEEUS), LDF7551BB, LDF7551ST, LDF7551WW, LDF7561ST, LDF7774BB, LDF7774BD, LDF7774ST, LDF7774WW, LDF7810BB (ABPEEUS), LDF7810ST (ASTEEUS), LDF7810WW (ABWEEUS), LDF7811BB (ABPEEUS), LDF7811ST (ASTEEUS), LDF7811WW (ABWEEUS), LDF7932BB, LDF7932ST (ASTEEUS), LDF7932WW, LDF8072ST, LDF8764ST, LDF8812ST (ASTEEUS), LDF8874ST, LDF9810ST (ASTEEUS), LDF9932ST (ASTEEUS), LDS4821BB (ABPEEUS), LDS4821ST (ASTEEUS), LDS4821WW (ABWEEUS), LDS5040BB, LDS5040ST, LDS5040WW, LDS5540BB, LDS5540ST, LDS5540WW, LDS5560ST, LDS5774ST, LDS5811BB (ABPEEUS), LDS5811ST (ASTEEUS), LDS5811WW (ABWEEUS), LDT9965BD, LSD795ST4, LSDF795ST, LSDF995ST, LDF6810BB-01, LDF6810BB-02, LDF6810ST-00, LDF6810ST-01, LDF6810ST-02, LDF6810WW-01, LDF6810WW-02, LDF7810BB-01, LDF7810ST-01, LDF7810WW-01, LDF7811BB-01, LDF7811ST-01, LDF7811WW-01, LDS5040ST/00, LDS5811BB-01, LDS5811BB-02, LDS5811ST-01, LDS5811ST-02, LDS5811WW-01, LDS5811WW-02

**************Kenmore / Sears************************
722.14693610, 72214693610

4933DD3001B, AP4511304, 1395107, 4933DD3001A, AH3524406, EA3524406, PS3524406


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