For GE Wall Oven Broil Element Part Number # PP8001302X58

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Part Number # PP8001302X58 | Broil Element For General Electric, & Kenmore Ovens.

Fits The Following Models & Others.

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**************General Electric************************

J792XL1, JAS01XJ1, JAS01XJ2, JAS01XJ3, JAS01XJ4, JAS01XJ5, JAS03XH1, JCS56XW4, JCS66XW4, JHC56GXD1, JHC56GXD2, JHC56XD1, JHC56XVA, JHC56XVB, JK25X02, JKC06GXH1, JKC06GXJ1, JKC06GXJ2, JKC06GXJ3, JKC26X04, JKP27*D2, JKP27G*D2, JKP27GJ3, JKP27GJ4, JKP27GX07, JKP27GXD1, JKP27GXH1, JKP27GXJ1, JKP27GXJ2, JKP27GXJ3, JKP27GXJ4, JKP27J3, JKP27J4, JKP27J5, JKP27X08, JKP27XD1, JKP27XJ1, JKP27XJ2, JKP27XJ3, JKP27XJ4, JKP27XJ5, JKS060J3, JKS06G0J3, JKS06GJ4, JKS06GXH1, JKS06GXJ1, JKS06GXJ2, JKS06GXJ3, JKS06GXJ4, JKS06J4, JKS06J5, JKS06XJ1, JKS06XJ2, JKS06XJ3, JKS06XJ4, JKS06XJ5, JKS26GJ3, JKS26GJ4, JKS26GXH1, JKS26GXJ1, JKS26GXJ2, JKS26GXJ3, JKS26GXJ4, JMC27G*01, JMC27G0J3, JMC27GJ4, JMC27GXH1, JMC27GXJ1, JMC27GXJ2, JMC27GXJ3, JMC27GXJ4, JMC27GXJ5, JMS070J3, JMS07GXP1, JMS07J4, JMS07J5, JMS07XJ1, JMS07XJ2, JMS07XJ3, JMS07XJ4, JMS07XJ5, JMS27G*01, JMS27G0J3, JMS27GJ4, JMS27GXH1, JMS27GXJ1, JMS27GXJ2, JMS27GXJ3, JMS27GXJ4, JSC27G0J3, JSC27GX04, JSC27GX05, JSC27GX06, JSC27GXH1, JSC27GXJ1, JSC27GXJ2, JSC27GXJ3, JSC27GXJ4, JSC27GXJ5, JSC27GXJ7, JSS01X01, JSS01X02, JSS01X04, JSS01XJ1, JSS01XJ2, JSS01XJ3, JSS06X03, JSS26J4, JSS26J6, JSS26X03, JSS26X04, JSS26X05, JSS26XJ1, JSS26XJ2, JSS26XJ3, JSS26XJ4, JSS26XJ6, JSS27G0J3, JSS27GJ4, JSS27GJ5, JSS27GJ7, JSS27GX03, JSS27GX04, JSS27GX05, JSS27GXH1, JSS27GXJ1, JSS27GXJ2, JSS27GXJ3, JSS27GXJ4, JSS27GXJ5, JSS27GXJ7, RA511XJ1, RA511XJ2, RA511XJ3, RA511XJ4, RA511XJ5, RA513X01, RA513X02, RA513XJ1, RA513XJ2, RA513XJ3, RA513XJ4, RB658XA1, RB658XA2, RB658XA3, RC537XW2, RC548XW2, RC548XW3, RC559XW2, RC559XW3, RC777XW3, RK38GXJ1, RK38GXJ2, RK38GXJ3, RK38GXJ4, RK38XJ1, RK38XJ2, RK38XJ3, RK38XJ4, RK38XJ5, RK767GXD1, RK767GXD2, RK767GXJ1, RK767GXJ2, RK767GXJ3, RK767GXJ4, RK767GXT5, RK767GXT6, RK767GXT7, RK767XD1, RK767XT5, RK767XT6, RK767XT7, RS42X02, RS42X03, RS42XJ1, RS42XJ2, RS42XJ3, RS42XJ4, RS42XJ5, RS42XJ6, RS46X03, RS46X04, RS46XJ1, RS46XJ2, RS46XJ3, RS46XJ4, RS46XJ5, RS46XJ7, RS47GX03, RS47GX04, RS47GXH1, RS47GXJ1, RS47GXJ2, RS47GXJ3, RS47GXJ4, RS47GXJ5, RS47GXJ6, RS647GX05, RS647GXH1, RS647GXJ1, RS647GXJ2, RS647GXJ3, RS647GXJ4, RS647GXJ5, RS647GXJ6, RS647GXJ8, JKP27J1, JKP27J2

**************Kenmore / Sears************************

20211 (1988), 20212 (1988), 20221 (1988), 21211 (1988), 21212 (1988), 21213 (1988), 21234 (1988), 21235 (1988) , WB44X134, AP2031008, 3380, AH249386, EA249386, PS249386, WB44X0134, WB44X0135, WB44X0180, WB44X134R, WB44X135, WB44X180, WB44X5063, WB44X6134, WB44X134


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