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Part Number # PP2340302X18 | Glass For & General Electric Ranges.

Fits The Following Models & Others.

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**************General Electric************************

JBP30BA2, JBP76GV3, JBP76GV1, JBP78WY2, JBP30WA2, JBP79WW1, JBP30BA1, JBP30BA4, JBP46GV1, JBP77GV3, JBP55GS1, JBP79AW1, JBP78WY5, JBP78WY1, JBP78AY2, JBP78GV1, JBP90WV1, JBP30WA1, JBP78AY5, JBP79WY1, JBP30BA3, JBP30WA4, JBP75GV1AD, JBP76GS1, JBP30AA1, JBP45AS1, JBP46GV3, JBP48WA2, JBP77GV1, JBP46GS1, JBP46GV2, JBP47GV2, JBP78GV3, JBP79WS1, JBP79WV2, JBP90AV1, JBP45GV1, JBP45WS1, JBP48WA4, JBP76GV2, JBP78AY4, JBP78WY3, JBP78WY4, JBP79AV1, JBP79WY4, JBP90AW1, JBP90GS1, JBP45GV2, JBP48WA1, JBP75AV1, JBP75WY2, JBP76GS2, JBP77GS1, JBP77GS2, JBP78BY1, JBP78BY2, JBP78GS1, JBP79WV1, JBP90WS1, JBP90WS2, JBP45GS1, JBP45GS2, JBP45WV1, JBP46GS2, JBP47GV1, JBP75AW1, JBP75GV2WH, JBP78AY1, JBP78AY3, JBP79AS1, JBP79AY4, JBP79GS1, JBP90GV1, JB970SB1SS, JBP30AA3, JBP30AA4, JBP30GY1AD, JBP30GY1WH, JBP45AS2, JBP45AV1, JBP45WW1, JBP47GS1, JBP47GS2, JBP48AA4, JBP48AY1, JBP48BA3, JBP75GV1WH, JBP75WV1, JBP75WY3, JBP76GIV1, JBP78BY4, JBP78GS2, JBP79AS2, JBP79GV1, JBP79GW1, JBP79WY2, JBP90AS1, JB940AY2, JB940BY2, JB940BY4, JB940WY2, JB940WY3, JB960AY2, JB960WY1, JB960WY3, JB960WY4, JBP48AA1, JBP48GS1, JBP48WY1, JBP56GS1, JBP56GS2, JBP58GS1, JBP75AV2, JBP75AY1, JBP75GS1AD, JBP75GS3AD, JBP75GV3AD, JBP75WS2, JBP75WW1, JBP78BY5, JBP78GV2, JBP79AV2, JBP79AY3, JBP79BY1, JBP79BY2, JBP80AS1, JBP80WS1, JBP80WV1, JBP90AS2, JBP90GV2, JBP90WW1, JBP95AT3, JBP95WV1, JB940AY1, JB940AY3, JB940AY4, JB940BY1, JB940BY3, JB940WY1, JB940WY4, JB960AY1, JB960AY3, JB960AY4, JB960BY1, JB960BY2, JB960BY3, JB960BY4, JB960WY2, JB970SB2SS, JBP30AA2, JBP30GY1AW, JBP30WA3, JBP30WY1, JBP45AV2, JBP45AW1, JBP45WS2, JBP45WV2, JBP46GIV1, JBP46WIY1, JBP46WIY2, JBP46WIY3, JBP46WIY4, JBP48AA2, JBP48AA3, JBP48BA1, JBP48BA2, JBP48GS2, JBP48GV1, JBP48WA3, JBP55GS2, JBP58GS2, JBP75AS1, JBP75AS2, JBP75AV3, JBP75AY2, JBP75AY3, JBP75AY4, JBP75AY5, JBP75GS1WH, JBP75GS2AD, JBP75GS2WH, JBP75GS3WH, JBP75GV2AD, JBP75GV3WH, JBP75WS1, JBP75WV2, JBP75WV3, JBP75WY1, JBP75WY4, JBP75WY5, JBP76WIY1, JBP76WIY2, JBP76WIY3, JBP76WIY4, JBP76WIY5, JBP77GV2, JBP78BY3, JBP79AY1, JBP79AY2, JBP79BY3, JBP79BY4, JBP79GS2, JBP79GV2, JBP79WS2, JBP79WY3, JBP80AS2, JBP80AV1, JBP80GS1, JBP80GS2, JBP80GV1, JBP80WS2, JBP90AV2, JBP90AW2, JBP90GS2, JBP90GW1, JBP90GW2, JBP90WV2, JBP90WW2, JBP95AV1, JBP95AV2, JBP95AW1, JBP95AW2, JBP95GT3, JBP95GV1, JBP95GV2, JBP95GW1, JBP95GW2, JBP95WT3, JBP95WV2, JBP95WW1, JBP95WW2 , WB36X5712, AP2030432, 260033, AH247548, EA247548, PS247548, WB36X5712


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