For GE Cooktop Radiant Element Part Number # PP3474362X94

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Part Number # PP3474362X94 | Radiant Element For & General Electric Cooktops.

Fits The Following Models & Others.

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**************General Electric************************

ZEU36RBF1BB, JP938BC1BB, JP939BH1BB, JP968BC1BB, JP969BH1BB, JP980BK1BB, JP938WC1WW, JP939SH1SS, JP939WH1WW, JP950SK1SS, JP968SC1SS, JP969SH1SS, PP980SM1SS, ZEU36RSF2SS, ZEU36RWF2WW, JP938CC1CC, JP938SC1SS, JP939CH1CC, JP950BK1BB, JP950CK1CC, JP950WK1WW, JP968CC1CC, JP968WC1WW, JP969CH1CC, JP969WH1WW, JP980CK1CC, JP980SK1SS, JP980WK1WW, PP950BM1BB, PP950SM1SS, PP950WM1WW, PP980BM1BB, PP980WM1WW, ZEU30RBF1BB, ZEU30RBF2BB, ZEU30RSF1SS, ZEU30RSF2SS, ZEU30RWF1WW, ZEU30RWF2WW, ZEU36RBF2BB, ZEU36RSF1SS, ZEU36RWF1WW , WB30T10062, AP2634743, 875575, AH243913, EA243913, PS243913, WB30T10062


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