For Frigidaire Range Oven Bake Element Part Number # PP8686312X67

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Part Number # PP8686312X67 | Oven Bake Element For Frigidaire, & Kenmore Ranges.

Fits The Following Models & Others.

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RSE37BAL2, REG433MDW2, KF400GDD6, MEF300PBWF, KF440GDW5, MEF300PBWE, CEC2M4WSAA, KF400GDD7, KF480ND2, RE32BNL1, RE36BNW1, REGS36BCL2, REP305GW1, CEC4S7DTAA, KF460GDD0, KF460GDD1, KF520GDD6, MEF300PBWC, REP305GD1, RER302CD1, RG35AW2, RG36BNW1, RG533NW3, 31-2977-23-01, CEC3M5WSAA, CEC3M5WSAB, KD860GDK1, KF400GDW7, KF404GDW6, KF450GDD5, KF450GDD8, KF450GDW8, KF560GDW7, MEF402WBW1, RA30EW3, RE32BNW1, RE34BAL2, RE36BNL2, RE37BNL1, REC306CW0, REG34NW2, REG46NW2, RER305CD0, RG45CL0, RG45CW1, RS35BAL1, RSE37BAL5, RSE37BAW3, RSE37BAW4, 31-2377-23-01, CEC4S6WSAA, CEE2M4WSAA, FED353WAD1, FED353WAW1, GEF354BADA, KF300GDD5, KF400GDW5, KF429RW1, KF450GDD4, KF560GDD3, KF590HDD2, R30NL1, R32BAL2, RA30CW0, RE36BNW2, REC406CW0, REG34NL2, REG36AL2, REG46CW0, REG46NL1, REG533DL0, REG533MNW1, REGS36BCL3, REGS36BCW2, REGS37BFW2, REGS38BDL2, RER306CD0, RES34BNW1, RG36BNL1, RG45CW2, RSE37BAL3, RSE37BAL4, 33-1467-00-02, 33-1467-00-03, CEC1M1DTAA, CEC1S3WSAC, CEC2M4WSAB, CEC2M4WSAD, CEC3M5WSAC, CEC3S5WSAA, CEC3S5WSAB, FED300WAW1, FED353WAD3, FEF450WBWA, FES300WAW1, GEF354BAWA, KF320JDD1, KF350GDW7, KF400GDW6, KF404GDD6, KF404GDW5, KF420GDD6, KF440GDD1, KF450GDD0, KF450GDD7, KF450GDW3, KF450GDW4, KF450GDW5, KF450GDW9, KF520GDD3, KF520GDW1, KF520GDW7, KF560GDD7, KF560GDW0, KF590HDD5, KF590HDD7, KF590HDH6, KF590HDW1, KF590HDW3, KS860GDD2, KS860GDD3, KS860GDW2, MEF300PBWB, MEF302PBWE, MEF303PCWE, R30AL1, R30AL2, R30NW1, R32BAL3, RA30EW2, RE34BAW2, RE433MDB4, REC406DD2, REG36AA2, REG36AL4, REG38BNL3, REG38BNW3, REG433MDW4, REG433MNW3, REG533DH0, REG533DL2, REG533DW2, REG533MDM2, REG533MNW2, REG533MNW3, REGS36BCH2, REGS37BFW0, REGS37BNL4, REGS37BNW1, REGS37BNW5, REGS38BLW1, REGS39WLW1, REP305CD0, REP305CD2, REP305CW0, REP305CW2, REP307CW3, REP307CW4, REP307GD0, REP375GD4, RER302GW0, RER305CF0, RES36BFL2, RG34NL2, RG35AH1, RG45CW0, RG45CW3, RG45CW4, RG533NL1, RG533NL3, RG533NW1, RGC32BAL1, RGC32BNL1, RS33BFW0, RS35BAA2, RS35BAL2, RS35BAL3, RS35BAW3, RSE37BAW2, RSE37BAW5, 31-2377-00-01, 31-2977-00-01, 33-1027-00-01, 33-1027-00-02, 33-1027-23-01, 33-1027-23-02, 33-1467-00-01, 37-2957-00-01, 4231, 4271, 4281, CEA1M1WSTA, CEA1M1WSTB, CEA1M2WSTA, CEA1M2WSTB, CEA3M2WSTA, CEA3M2WSTB, CEB1M1WSTA, CEB1M1WSTB, CEB3M2WSTA, CEB3M2WSTB, CEC1M1WSTA, CEC1M1WSTB, CEC1M1WTAA, CEC1M1WTAB, CEC1M1WTAC, CEC1M2WSAA, CEC1M2WSAB, CEC1M2WSAC, CEC1M2WSAD, CEC1S3WSAA, CEC1S3WSAB, CEC2M4WSAC, CEC2S5WSAA, CEC2S5WSAB, CEC2S5WSAC, CEC3M5WSAD, CEC3M6WTAA, CEC3M6WTAB, CEC3M6WTAC, CEC3M6WTAD, CEC3S5WSAC, CEC3S5WSAD, CEC3S5WSAE, CEC4C4WSAB, CEC4C4WSAC, CEC4M7WSAA, CEC4S6WSAB, CEC4S6WSAC, CEC4S6WSAD, CEC4S7WTAA, CEC4S7WTAB, CEC4S7WTAC, CEC4S7WTAD, CEE2M4WS5, CEE2M4WSE, CEE2M4WSPB, CEE2M4WSPC, CEE2M4WSPD, FED300WAB1, FED300WABA, FED300WAD1, FED300WAD3, FED300WADA, FED300WADC, FED300WAW3, FED300WAWA, FED300WAWC, FED340WADA, FED340WAWA, FED353WADA, FED353WADC, FED353WAW3, FED353WAWA, FED353WAWC, FED354BAB1, FED354BAB3, FED354BABA, FED354BABC, FEF450WBDA, FES300WAB1, FES300WAB3, FES300WABA, FES300WABC, FES300WAD1, FES300WAD3, FES300WADA, FES300WADC, FES300WAW3, FES300WAWA, FES300WAWC, FES354BAB1, FES354BAB3, FES354BABA, FES354BABC, FES355BBBA, FES355CBBB, FES355CBBC, FES355CBSA, FES355CBSB, FES355CBSC, FES355CBTA, FES355CBTB, FES355CBTC, GEF300PADA, GEF300PAWA, GEF301SADA, GEF301SAWA, GEF311WADA, GEF311WAWA, GEF312BADA, GEF312BAWA, GEF400WAW1, GEF400WAWA, GW30SPEA2, GW30SPED1, GW30SPEW1, GW30SPEW2, KD220GDD1, KD220GDD2, KD220GDD3, KD220GDF1, KD220GDH1, KD220GDH2, KD220GDH3, KD220GDV1, KD220GDW1, KD220GDW2, KD220GDW3, KD860GDD1, KD860GDK4, KD860GDKD2, KD860GDKD3, KD860GDKH2, KD860GDKH3, KD860GDKW2, KD860GDKW3, KD860GDW1, KEC3M6NSAA, KEC457NSAA, KF100HDD1, KF100HDH1, KF100HDW1, KF100KDD0, KF100KDD1, KF100KDD2, KF100KDD3, KF100KDD4, KF100KDD5, KF100KDH0, KF100KDH1, KF100KDH2, KF100KDH3, KF100KDH4, KF100KDH5, KF100KDW0, KF100KDW1, KF100KDW2, KF100KDW3, KF100KDW4, KF100KDW5, KF200GDD1, KF200GDH1, KF200GDW1, KF300GDD0, KF300GDD1, KF300GDD2, KF300GDD3, KF300GDD4, KF300GDD6, KF300GDF0, KF300GDF1, KF300GDF2, KF300GDF3, KF300GDF4, KF300GDF5, KF300GDH0, KF300GDH1, KF300GDH2, KF300GDH3, KF300GDH4, KF300GDH5, KF300GDH6, KF300GDV0, KF300GDV1, KF300GDV2, KF300GDV3, KF300GDV4, KF300GDV5, KF300GDW0, KF300GDW1, KF300GDW2, KF300GDW3, KF300GDW4, KF300GDW5, KF300GDW6, KF320JDD0, KF320JDD2, KF320JDD3, KF320JDD4, KF320JDD5, KF320JDH0, KF320JDH1, KF320JDH2, KF320JDH3, KF320JDH4, KF320JDH5, KF320JDW0, KF320JDW1, KF320JDW2, KF320JDW3, KF320JDW4, KF320JDW5, KF330JDD1, KF330JDD2, KF330JDD3, KF330JDD4, KF330JDD5, KF330JDDO, KF330JDW1, KF330JDW2, KF330JDW3, KF330JDW4, KF330JDW5, KF330JDWO, KF350GDD0, KF350GDD1, KF350GDD3, KF350GDD4, KF350GDD5, KF350GDD6, KF350GDD7, KF350GDD8, KF350GDF0, KF350GDF1, KF350GDF3, KF350GDF4, KF350GDF5, KF350GDF6, KF350GDH0, KF350GDH1, KF350GDH3, KF350GDH4, KF350GDH5, KF350GDH6, KF350GDH7, KF350GDH8, KF350GDV0, KF350GDV1, KF350GDV3, KF350GDV4, KF350GDV5, KF350GDV6, KF350GDW0, KF350GDW1, KF350GDW3, KF350GDW4, KF350GDW5, KF350GDW6, KF350GDW8, KF400GDD2, KF400GDD3, KF400GDD4, KF400GDD5, KF400GDF2, KF400GDF3, KF400GDF4, KF400GDF5, KF400GDH2, KF400GDH3, KF400GDH4, KF400GDH5, KF400GDH6, KF400GDH7, KF400GDV2, KF400GDV3, KF400GDV4, KF400GDV5, KF400GDW2, KF400GDW3, KF400GDW4, KF404GDD0, KF404GDD1, KF404GDD2, KF404GDD3, KF404GDD4, KF404GDD5, KF404GDH0, KF404GDH1, KF404GDH2, KF404GDH3, KF404GDH4, KF404GDH5, KF404GDW0, KF404GDW1, KF404GDW2, KF404GDW3, KF404GDW4, KF420GDD2, KF420GDD3, KF420GDD4, KF420GDD5, KF420GDD7, KF420GDD8, KF420GDF2, KF420GDF3, KF420GDF4, KF420GDF5, KF420GDH2, KF420GDH3, KF420GDH4, KF420GDH5, KF420GDH6, KF420GDH7, KF420GDH8, KF420GDV2, KF420GDV3, KF420GDV4, KF420GDV5, KF420GDW2, KF420GDW3, KF420GDW4, KF420GDW5, KF420GDW6, KF420GDW7, KF420GDW8, KF429RD1, KF440GDD0, KF440GDD2, KF440GDD3, KF440GDD4, KF440GDD5, KF440GDD6, KF440GDF0, KF440GDF1, KF440GDF2, KF440GDF3, KF440GDF4, KF440GDH0, KF440GDH1, KF440GDH2, KF440GDH3, KF440GDH4, KF440GDH5, KF440GDH6, KF440GDV0, KF440GDV1, KF440GDV2, KF440GDV3, KF440GDV4, KF440GDW0, KF440GDW1, KF440GDW2, KF440GDW3, KF440GDW4, KF440GDW6, KF450GDD1, KF450GDD2, KF450GDD3, KF450GDD6, KF450GDD9, KF450GDF0, KF450GDF1, KF450GDF2, KF450GDF3, KF450GDF4, KF450GDF5, KF450GDF6, KF450GDF7, KF450GDH0, KF450GDH1, KF450GDH2, KF450GDH3, KF450GDH4, KF450GDH5, KF450GDH6, KF450GDH7, KF450GDH8, KF450GDH9, KF450GDV0, KF450GDV1, KF450GDV2, KF450GDV3, KF450GDV4, KF450GDV5, KF450GDV6, KF450GDV7, KF450GDW0, KF450GDW1, KF450GDW2, KF450GDW6, KF450GDW7, KF460GDD4, KF460GDD5, KF460GDD6, KF460GDD7, KF460GDF0, KF460GDF1, KF460GDF2, KF460GDF4, KF460GDF5, KF460GDF6, KF460GDF7, KF460GDH0, KF460GDH1, KF460GDH2, KF460GDH4, KF460GDH5, KF460GDH6, KF460GDH7, KF460GDV0, KF460GDV1, KF460GDV2, KF460GDV4, KF460GDV5, KF460GDV6, KF460GDV7, KF460GDW0, KF460GDW1, KF460GDW2, KF460GDW4, KF460GDW5, KF460GDW6, KF460GDW7, KF480ND1, KF480ND3, KF480NW1, KF480NW2, KF480NW3, KF520GDD0, KF520GDD1, KF520GDD2, KF520GDD4, KF520GDD5, KF520GDD7, KF520GDF0, KF520GDF1, KF520GDF2, KF520GDF3, KF520GDF4, KF520GDF5, KF520GDF6, KF520GDH0, KF520GDH1, 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**************Kenmore / Sears************************

628.4517910, 628.4517912, 628.4517914, 628.4517990, 628.4517991, 628.4517994, 628.4518010, 628.4518011, 628.4518090, 628.4518091, 628.4518210, 628.4518250, 628.4518251, 628.4518290, 628.4527910, 628.4527912, 628.4527914, 628.4527990, 628.4527991, 628.4527994, 628.4528010, 628.4528011, 628.4528090, 628.4528091, 628.4528210, 628.4528211, 628.4528290, 628.4528291, 628.4528510, 628.4528511, 628.4528590, 628.4528591, 628.4537890, 628.4537891, 628.4537894, 628.4538050, 628.4538212, 628.4538250, 628.4538251, 628.4538252, 628.4538550, 628.4538551, 628.4547910, 628.4547912, 628.4547914, 628.4547990, 628.4547991, 628.4547994, 628.4548050, 628.4548051, 628.4548090, 628.4548091, 628.4549790, 628.4557810, 628.4557812, 628.4557890, 628.4557891, 628.4557892, 628.4557910, 628.4557990, 628.4558010, 628.4558011, 628.4558090, 628.4558091, 628.4558250, 628.4558251, 628.4558252, 628.4558550, 628.4567890, 628.4567990, 628.4568090, 628.4568091, 628.4568250, 628.4568251, 628.4568252, 628.4588090, 628.4588190, 628.4588191, 628.4588250, 628.4588251, 628.4588252, 628.4588450, 628.4588550, 628.6197810, 628.6197910, 628.6207810, 628.6207910, 628.6217810, 628.6217910, 628.6227810, 628.6227910, 628.6257810, 628.6257910, 628.6267810, 628.6267910, 628.6278310, 628.6278311, 628.6288310, 628.6288311, 628.6357810, 628.6357811, 628.6357910, 628.6358210, 628.6358211, 628.6367810, 628.6367811, 628.6367910, 628.6368210, 628.6368211, 628.6398210, 628.6398211, 628.6408210, 628.6408211, 628.6417810, 628.6417811, 628.6417910, 628.6417911, 628.6417912, 628.6418210, 628.6418211, 628.6427810, 628.6427811, 628.6427910, 628.6427911, 628.6427912, 628.6428210, 628.6428211, 628.6437810, 628.6437811, 628.6437910, 628.6437911, 628.6438210, 628.6438211, 628.6447810, 628.6447811, 628.6447910, 628.6447911, 628.6448210, 628.6448211, 628.6628310, 628.6628312, 628.6628590, 628.6648310, 628.6648311, 628.6648312, 628.6658310, 628.6658311, 628.6658312, 628.6658590, 628.6668390, 628.6668391, 628.6668590, 628.9087610, 628.9117710, 628.9117910, 628.9127910, 628.9137710, 628.9137740, 628.9187610, 628.9197910, 628.9207910, 628.9217610, 628.9227610, 628.9248210, 628.9297890, 628.9307710, 628.9367810, 628.9367811, 628.9367812, 628.9377710, 628.9377810, 628.9377811, 628.9397890, 628.9397891, 628.9397990, 628.9398090, 628.9398190, 628.9398290, 628.9398390, 628.9398391, 628.9398490, 628.9398491, 628.939990, 628.9427810, 628.9427910, 628.9427911, 628.9428210, 628.9428211, 628.9428212, 628.9437610, 628.9437611, 628.9437612, 628.9437910, 628.9447610, 628.9447710, 628.9447711, 628.9447810, 628.9447910, 628.9447911, 628.9457710, 628.9457910, 628.9457911, 628.9467810, 628.9467811, 628.9467910, 628.9468110, 628.9468211, 628.9468212, 628.9468213, 628.9468214, 628.9468215, 628.9468890, 628.9468891, 628.9468892, 628.9468893, 628.9468894, 628.9477710, 628.9487610, 628.9487611, 628.9487619, 628.9487710, 628.9487810, 628.9487811, 628.9497610, 628.9497710, 628.9497890, 628.9497891, 628.9507710, 790.9462990, 790.9464990, 790.9468895, 7909462990, 7909464990, 7909468895 , 5303051519, AP2136868, 08002858, 09990061, 3051519, 316075101, 3467, 8002858, AH453960, EA453960, F83-446, K001311298, K001312853, K1311298, K1312852, K1312853, PS453960, Q000212004, RP775, TS775, 5303051519


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