8 Inch Large Surface Element Part Number # PP5608106X35

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Part Number # PP5608106X35 | 8 Inch Large Surface Element For Jenn-Air, Whirlpool, Maytag, Amana, Estate, KitchenAid, Caloric, Magic Chef, Norge, Crosley, & Roper

Fits The Following Models & Others.

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A100, A100B, A100W, A100L, A100-J


RF365PXMW0, RF365PXMQ0, RF365PXKQ0, RF367LXKQ0, RF365PXMW1, RF315PXKQ0, RF367LXKB0, RF377PXGQ0, RF385PXEN0, RF365PXKW0, RF377PXGB0, RF385PXEW0, RF365PXGQ1, RF375PXEQ0, RF385PXGQ0, RF365PXGN0, RF375PXEN0, RF377PXGW1, RF385PXEQ0, RF261PXSQ0, RF264LXSB0, RF367LXKT0, RF377PXGQ1, RF377PXGW0, RF315PXGQ0, RF375PXEW0, RF114PXSQ0, RF362BXKQ1, RF369LXPQ0, RF385PXEZ0, RF387LXHQ1, RF395LXEQ0, RF264LXSQ0, RF315PXGW0, RF362BXKQ0, RF365PXMQ1, RF367LXMQ0, RF365PXMT0, GR395LXGQ2, RF315PXEW0, RF315PXGQ1, RF362BXGN0, RF362BXGQ1, RF365PXGW0, RF379LXKQ1, RF385PXGB0, RS675PXGB15, RS675PXGQ0, RF263LXTT2, RF315PXPQ0, RF365PXMQ2, RF387LXHQ0, RS675PXGQ6, RF261PXSW0, RF263LXTQ0, RF315PXGN0, RF365PXGW1, RF367LXMB0, RF369LXPB0, RF370LXGW0, RF385PXGW1, RF263LXTS0, RF315PXPQ2, RF362BXKW1, RF365PXKT0, RS675PXGQ15, RF114PXSB0, RF263LXTT1, RF315PXPB1, RF362BXMT0, RF365PXGQ0, RF369LXPT0, RF369LXPT1, RF315PXEQ0, RF315PXMB0, RF315PXMQ0, RF362BXGW0, RF362BXKW0, RF365PXMT3, RF370LXGN0, RF377PXGN0, RF379LXMT0, RF385PXGQ1, RF395LXEZ0, RS675PXGB14, RS675PXGQ12, RS675PXGQ8, RS675PXGT15, IMP33801, RF315PXEN0, RF365PXGN1, RF365PXMT1, RF367LXKW0, RF369LXPB1, RF377PXGZ0, RF385PXGT2, RF387LXGN1, RF387LXGQ1, RF387LXGW0, RF395LXEB0, RS675PXGB6, GR395LXGQ1, RF114PXSB1, RF261PXST0, RF263LXTQ2, RF315PXGW1, RF315PXKB0, RF315PXPB0, RF362BXGW1, RF362BXMV0, RF365PXKV0, RF369LXPB3, RF369LXPQ1, RF377PXGT1, RF385PXGN0, RF385PXGW0, RF387LXGN0, RF387LXGW1, RS675PXGB8, RS675PXGQ10, RS675PXGQ14, CES365HQ1, GR395LXGB2, GY395LXGB1, GY395LXGQ0, RF114PXSQ2, RF263LXTQ1, RF325PXEW0, RF325PXGQ0, RF325PXGZ0, RF362BXKV1, RF362BXMQ0, RF365PXMW3, RF367LXKV0, RF367LXMT0, RF377PXGV1, RF377PXGW5, RF379LXMQ0, RF385PXGQ2, RF385PXGW2, RF387LXHT1, RS675PXGQ4, RS675PXGT10, RS675PXGT12, YGY395LXGB2, 4RF315PXKQ0, CES365HQ0, GR395LXGZ1, GY395LXGB0, GY395LXGQ1, RF263LXTB0, RF263LXTB2, RF264LXSB1, RF315PXGV1, RF315PXKV0, RF315PXKW0, RF315PXMW0, RF325PXEN0, RF325PXEQ0, RF325PXEZ0, RF325PXGN0, RF362BXGQ0, RF362BXGV1, RF362BXKT0, RF362BXKT1, RF365PXMT2, RF365PXMV0, RF365PXMW2, RF377PXGB1, RF379LXKB0, RF385PXGB2, RF385PXGZ0, RS675PXGB10, RS675PXGB12, RS675PXGZ0, 4RF315PXEQ0, 4RF315PXGQ0, 4RF315PXMQ0, CES365HZ0, CES365HZ1, GR395LXGB0, GR395LXGB1, GR395LXGQ0, GR395LXGT2, GR395LXGZ0, GR395LXGZ2, GY395LXGB2, GY395LXGQ2, GY395LXGZ0, GY395LXGZ1, GY395LXGZ2, IME31300, IME31301, IME31302, IME32300, IME32301, IME32302, IME32303, IME33300, IME33302, IME33303, IMP33802, IRE31300, IRE31301, IRE32300, IRE32301, IRE32302, IRE32303, IRP33800, IRP33801, IRP33802, IRP33803, IVE32300, IVE32301, IVP33800, IVP33801, RDE32302, RF114PXSQ1, RF114PXSQ3, RF114PXST0, RF114PXST1, RF114PXST2, RF114PXST3, RF261PXSQ1, RF261PXST1, RF261PXSW1, RF263LXTB1, RF263LXTB3, RF263LXTQ3, RF263LXTS1, RF263LXTS2, RF263LXTS3, RF263LXTT0, RF263LXTT3, RF263LXTW0, RF263LXTW1, RF263LXTW2, RF264LXSB2, RF264LXSB3, RF264LXSQ1, RF264LXSQ2, RF264LXSQ3, RF264LXST0, RF264LXST1, RF315PXGN1, RF315PXGT1, RF315PXKT0, RF315PXMT0, RF315PXMV0, RF315PXPB2, RF315PXPB3, RF315PXPQ1, RF315PXPQ3, RF315PXPT0, RF315PXPT1, RF315PXPT2, RF315PXPT3, RF325PXGN1, RF325PXGQ1, RF325PXGW0, RF325PXGW1, RF325PXGZ1, RF362BXGN1, RF362BXGT1, RF362BXKV0, RF362BXMW0, RF365PXGT1, RF365PXMQ3, RF365PXMV1, RF365PXMV2, RF367LXMV0, RF367LXMW0, RF369LXPB2, RF369LXPQ2, RF369LXPQ3, RF369LXPT2, RF370PXGQ0, RF370PXGQ1, RF370PXGZ0, RF370PXGZ1, RF372BXEN0, RF372BXEQ0, RF372BXEW0, RF372BXEZ0, RF375PXEZ0, RF377PXGB5, RF377PXGN1, RF377PXGN5, RF377PXGQ5, RF377PXGZ1, RF377PXGZ5, RF379LXKQ0, RF379LXKT0, RF379LXKT1, RF385PXGB1, RF385PXGN1, RF385PXGN2, RF385PXGZ1, RF385PXGZ2, RF387LXGQ0, RF387LXHZ0, RF387LXHZ1, RF389LXKT0, RS675PXGB0, RS675PXGB4, RS675PXGB5, RS675PXGB7, RS675PXGB9, RS675PXGQ5, RS675PXGQ7, RS675PXGQ9, RS675PXGT14, RS675PXGT5, RS675PXGT7, RS675PXGT8, RS675PXGT9, RS675PXGZ4, RS675PXGZ5, RS675PXGZ6, WDE32202, WEC310S0FW0, WERC3100PQ0, WERC3100PQ1, WERC3100PQ2, WERE3000PB4, WERE3000PB5, WERE3000PQ0, WERE3000PQ1, WERE3000PQ2, WERE3000PQ4, WERE3000PQ5, WERE3000SB0, WERE3000SB1, WERE3000SB2, WERE3000SQ0, 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CRE8400ACL, CRE7500ACW, CRE9400ACL, CRE7500ACL, CRE9500ACL, CRE8600ACW, LCRE655, CRE9400ACW, LCRE683, CRE8600ACL, CRE775, CRE9500ACE, CRE683, CRE305, CRE9500ADW, AER5522VAS0, AER5522VAW0, AER5522VCS0, AER5522VCW0, CRE355, CRE383, CRE655, CRE7600ACL, CRE7600ACW, CRE7700ADE, CRE7700ADL, CRE7700ADW, CRE8400ACW, CRE8700ADE, CRE8700ADL, CRE8700ADW, CRE9500ADE, CRE9500ADL, YMER7660WB0, YMER7660WB1, YMER7660WS0, YMER7660WS1, YMER7660WS2, YMER7660WW0, YMER7660WW1, YMER7660WW2, CRE7500ADA


EST307, ARR6300WW (P1142669NWW), ARR6400WW (P1142670NWW), ARR6400WW (P1143607NWW), ARR626L (P1142626N L), ARR626W (P1142626N W), ARR630WW (P1143403NWW), ARS635 (P1113802S), ESS344-OF (ESS3440OF), ARR626WW (P1142678NWW), ARR6400LL (P1143432NLL), ARR624L (P1142625N L), ARR626W1 (P1143407N W), ARR6400L (P1142670N L), EHT334, EJT334, ESF34002L (P1142613N L), ESF34002L (P1130946N L), ESF34002W (P1142613N W), ARR626WW (P1142697NWW), ARR629L (P1130961N L), ARR6300LL (P1142669NLL), ARR6300LL (P1143428NLL), ARR6300WW (P1143421NWW), ARR630LL (P1142627NLL), ARR6400W (P1143415N W), ARR6400WW (P1143415NWW), ARRS6550LL (P1130647NLL), ARS635 (P1130617N), ARS636WW (P1130640NWW), ESF33002W (P1142612N W), ESK37002K (P1142618N K), ESK37002K (P1130965N K), EST308, EST346, EST356, ARR6220W (P1143808N W), ARR625L (P1130960N L), ARR625W (P1130960N W), ARR6300LL (P1143421NLL), ARR630WW (P1142627NWW), ARR632WW (P1130978N W), ARR633WW (P1130992N E), ARR6400LL (P1143457NLL), ARR6400LL (P1142670NLL), ARR6400WW (P1143685NWW), ARS636E (P1130640N E), ARS636WW (P1130624N), ESF33002W (P1130945N W), ESK37002WW (P1130971N), ESS342-OF (ESS3420OF), EST380, ARR623W (P1130983N W), ARR624L (P1142651N L), ARR624W (P1142651N W), ARR629WW (P1130962N), ARR6300WW (P1143414NWW), ARR630L (P1142627N L), ARR630L1 (P1143403N L), ARR630LL (P1143403NLL), ARR630LL (P1142656NLL), ARR630W1 (P1143403N W), ARR630WW (P1142656NWW), ARR632WW (P1142617NWW), ARR633WW (P1130968N), ARR633WW (P1157908S W), ARR6400WW (P1143820NWW), ARR6420WW (P1143810NWW), ARRS6550WW (P1130647NWW), ARRS6550WW (P1130677NWW), ARRS6550WW (P1130658NWW), ARS635 (P1113801S), ARS636E (P1130623N E), EHT-344, EHT-346, EKT-396, ESF33002L (P1130945N L), ESF34002LG (P1130955N L), ESK37002W (P1130948N W), ESK37002W (P1142618N W), ESS307, EST345, EST399, AER5522VCS1, AER5522VCW1, AER5523XAB0, AER5523XAB1, AER5523XAQ0, AER5523XAW0, AER5523XAW1, AER5524XAD0, AER5524XAD1, ARC700E (P1142652N E), ARC700E (P1142698N E), ARC700LL (P1142698NLL), ARC700LL 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(P1130618N), ARS635W (P1113805S), ARS635W (P1113803W), CARC700E (P1142661N E), CARC700E (P1143410N E), CARC700WW (P1143410NWW), CARC700WW (P1142661NWW), CARR629L (P1142623N L), CARR629L (P1142619N L), CARR629W (P1142623N W), CARR629W (P1142619N W), CARR629WW (P114619NW W), CARR629WW (P114623NW W), CARR630L (P1143437N L), CARR630L (P1143479N L), CARR630L (P1142660N L), CARR630L (P1143409N L), CARR630W (P1143409N W), CARR630W (P1143479N W), CARR630W (P1142660N W), CARR630W (P1143437N W), CARR630WW (P1143409NWW), CARR630WW (P1143479NWW), CARR630WW (P1143437NWW), CARR630WW (P1142660NWW), CARR632E (P1142620N E), CARR632E (P1142624N E), CARR632NWW (P1142620NWW), CARR632WW (P1142624NWW), CARS636E (P1130631N E), CARS636WW (P1130631NWW), CARS637E (P1130646N E), CARS637E (P1130644N E), CARS637E (P1130656N E), CARS637WW (P1130644NWW), CARS637WW (P1130656NWW), CARS637WW (P1130646NWW), EHF30002L (P1130943N L), EHF30002W (P1130943N W), EHS342-OF (EHS3420OF), EHS344-OF (EHS3440OF), EHS345-OF (EHS3450OF), EHS346-OF (EHS3460OF), EHT-345, EHT332, EHT333, EJT-346, ESF32002L (P1130944N L), ESF32002W (P1130944N W), ESF33002L (P1130969N L), ESF33002L (P1142612N L), ESF33002W (P1130969N W), ESF34002L (P1130963N L), ESF34002LG (P1130964N L), ESF34002LG (P1142613NLG), ESF34002W (P1130963N W), ESF34002W (P1130946N W), ESF34002WG (P1142613NWG), ESF34002WG (P1130955N W), ESF34002WG (P1130964N W), ESK37002L (P1130965N L), ESK37002L (P1142618N L), ESK37002L (P1130948N L), ESK37002LG (P1130966N L), ESK37002LG (P1142618NLG), ESK37002LG (P1130949N L), ESK37002W (P1130965N W), ESK37002WG (P1130949N W), ESK37002WG (P1130966N W), ESK37002WG (P1142618NWG), ESK37002WW (P1142618NWW), ESS307-OF (ESS3070OF), ESS341-OF (ESS3410OF), ESS343-OF (ESS3430OF), ESS345-OF (ESS3450OF), EST381, EST3992L (P1132620N L), EST3992L (P1132637N L), EST3992L (P1132643N L), EST3992L (P1132636N L), EST3992W (P1132636N W), EST3992W (P1132620N W), EST3992W (P1132637N W), EST3992W (P1132643N W), YACR4330BCW0, ZRR6400CC (P1143847NCC), ZRR6400WW (P1143699NWW), ZRR6400WW (P1143645NWW), ZRR6400WW (P1143615NWW), ZRR6400WW (P1143446NWW), ZRRS6550E (P1130652N E), ZRRS6550E (P1130670N E), ZRRS6550E (P1130674N E), ZRRS6550E (P1130662N E), ZRRS6550WW (P1130674NWW), ZRRS6550WW (P1130652NWW), ZRRS6550WW (P1130670NWW), ZRRS6550WW (P1130662NWW), ZRRSC8050E (P1130671N E), ZRRSC8050E (P1130675N E), ZRRSC8050E (P1130653N E), ZRRSC8050WW (P1130671NWW), ZRRSC8050WW (P1130675NWW), ZRRSC8050WW (P1130653NWW)


TES325MQ1, TES325MQ0, TES325KQ0, TES325MQ3, TES325MQ4, TES326RD0, TES326RD2, TES325MQ5, TEP325KW0, TEP325MW0, TES325MQ2, TES325MT4, TES325MT5, TES325VQ0, TES325VT0, TES326RD1, TES326RD3, TES326RD4, TES326VD0




EST3102L (P1130629N L), EST3102WW (P1130627NWW), EST3102K (P1130629N K), EST3102K (P1130627N K), EST3102L (P1130627N L), EST3102W (P1130627N W), EST3102W (P1130629N W), EST3102WW (P1130629NWW)

**************Magic Chef************************

38HN-2C, 38HN-2CX-ON, 38FA-2C, 38FA-2CX-ON, 38FN-2C, C3882VRV, 38FA-2C-94, 38FA-2CW, 38FA-2CX-94, 38FA-2CX-MO, 38FA-2CX-MS, 38FA-2CX-OC, 38FA-2CXW, 38FA-2CXW-94, 38FA-2CXW-ON, 38FB-2C, 38FB-2CX-MO, 38FB-2CX-ON, 38FG-2C, 38FG-2CX-ON, 38FN-2CX-94, 38FN-2CX-MO, 38FN-2CX-MS, 38FN-2CX-OC, 38FN-2CX-ON, 38FN-2CXW, 38FN-2CXW-94, 38FN-2CXW-ON, 38FY-2C, 38FY-2CX-MO, 38FY-2CX-ON, 38FY-2CXW, 38FY-2CXW-ON, 38HA-2C, 38HA-2CW, 38HA-2CX-ON, 38HA-2CXW-ON, 38HB-2CX-ON, 38HG-2CX-ON, 38HK-2CX-ON, 38HN-2CW, 38HN-2CXW-ON, 38HY-2C, 38HY-2CX-ON, 38HY-2CXW-ON, B35HA-2CX-ON, B35HN-2CX-ON, B38HA-2CXW-ON, B38HA-42TXW, B38HN-2CXW-ON, B38HN-42TXW, B38JA-2CXW-ON, B38JN-2CX-ON, B38JN-2CXW-ON, C3581VRV, C3581XRA, C3581XRW, C3882XRA, C3882XRW, S38FA-2CX-94, S38FK-2CX-94, S38FK-2CX-OC, S38FY-2CX-94


BNEW3H8TVEV, L3510PRV, L3521WRV, L3521XRA, L3521XRW, L3581VRV, L3872VRV, L3882VRV, L3882XRA, L3882XRW


CC3531WRA, CC3531WRV, CC3531WRW, CC3531XRA, CC3531XRL, CC3531XRW, CC3872XRA, CC3872XRW


FES325RQ0, FES325RQ1, FES325RQ2, FES326RD0, RDE22302 , WPW10259865, AP6018065, 31734606, 9781325, W10259865, 0045556, 0052960, 0053234, 0059261, 0304872, 14205027, 1938-256, 1938-345, 1938256, 1938274, 1938286, 1938345, 304871, 304872, 3196678, 332-131, 332-158, 332-161, 332-212, 45556, 51906P01, 57414, 59261, 7-4114, 704114, 7406P059-60, 7406P063-60, 7406P070-60, 8053268, 9750810, 9751810, 9761345, 9781325A, D8549503, M61D34, PS11751367, R0710044, R0710160, R0710191, W10512921, Y0045556, Y0052960, Y0053234, Y0057414, Y0059261, Y0304871, Y0304872, Y704114, WPW10259865


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